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  1. Ofter your robot do useless turns. For example he is going to break block below it but before doing it he turn left or right.
  2. Durex77


    Program for storing items in chests. The program is in development. In the future you will see autocraft and other (but I'm lazy) Everything about the program, you will see in the video. Video in rus, but all information you can understand from video. command for install program wget -q https://gitlab.com/lfreew1ndl/openCraftNet/raw/master/openCraftNet.lua openCraftNet.lua sources https://gitlab.com/lfreew1ndl/openCraftNet/tree/master/ my contacts: telegram : https://t.me/lfreew1ndl 1) put items in first slot in the chest to setting transposers. (like in
  3. Add that robot will use bags and storages from other mod like server in OC(component.inventory_controller.getItemInventorySize(i) and other comand). When robot use analizator from IC2 message with croop info come to player (can u do that robot get this message?) Add to robot api useWithShift()
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