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  1. I'm thinking about trying to write up a program for open computers that would do the following: Detect a connected power generator such as a dynamo or coal generator. Detect a connected power storage unit such as an energy cell. Control the activation of the generator so that it can: Take note of when the generator starts, Display how full the power storage unit is, Display how much time has elapsed with the timer stopping when the storage is full. Display how much "fuel" has been used with the count stopping when the storage is full. (With fuel being whatever the generator requires to work.) The reason I want to do this is there are a number of generators that use the exact same fuel or generators that are in theory better because they are a higher tier but where there just isn't much information on what ones are actually better. Worse many of the mods that exist in the popular packs adjust their numbers and recipes every now and then, so even if there is a wiki that says X generator produces 40 RF per tick, that may be entirely off in the current or next version.
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