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  1. well that clears up a couple of things.. Thanks
  2. ok This is probably very simple, however i'm just missing something. I have 5 motions sensors. When one of them is tripped, i want to do something different, depending on the sensor... so i need to identify which one was tripped. I figure that the component address is the way to do that, but i am not getting an address from the signal... local component = require("component") local sensor = component.motion_sensor local event = require("event") print("Detecting...") while true do local _,_,x,y,z,name=event.pull("motion") print("Detected:",address,name,x,y,z) end When i trip any one of the motion sensors, it always gives me 'nil' for the address. the other variables are have valid data. probably something simple.. but i'm stuck any suggestions would be appreciated Sim
  3. Sim

    Player Tracking

    Elektron72: Thank you, i did not see that the name was included in the data stream. that makes life even easier.
  4. Sim

    Player Tracking

    I want to build a player tracker for a labyrinth. The purpose to is minimize the ability of players to use waypoints to bypass all/most of the labyrinth.. require they actually walk it. I am new to OC, and want to be sure i'm thinking things correctly before i get totally lost. My idea is to have several motion sensors spread throughout the labyrinth. When a sensor is tripped, it sends a signal to the computer. The computer uses the debug card to find the location of every player on the server ( usually < 25). it uses that information to determine who was 'near' the tripped sensor. the player name and sensor number is saved in a table/database. only when all required sensors have 'tripped' for a particular player, they would be deemed to have completed the labyrinth. Am i making this more complicated then it needs to be? Will this work with OC ? Sim
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