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  1. BrightYC

    Cyan BIOS

    This feature already exists. EEPROM selects the last saved drive, which was automatically selected or selected in the boot menu. P. S may not work. Tell me if it isn't
  2. BrightYC

    Cyan BIOS

    do you have a 3d printer? btw i fixed it. Thanks for traceback, just run installer again.
  3. BrightYC

    Cyan BIOS

    I have no idea. This eeprom just uncompressed, without any fixes D= What version of OC do you have?
  4. BrightYC

    Cyan BIOS

    Hi. Can you flash eeprom with this code and send me full traceback? local a,b,c=component.proxy(component.list("internet")()).request("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BrightYC/Cyan/master/cyan.lua"),""while true do c=a.read(math.huge)if c then b=b..c else break end end;a.close()local c,d=load(b,"=stdin","t")if c then local e,d=xpcall(c,debug.traceback)if not e then error(d)end else error(d)end
  5. BrightYC

    Cyan BIOS

    The world as I knew it had a problem. A plenty of bootloaders had already existed, and they'd all shared the same flaw: it wasn't me who made them. I've decided to put an end to that. Cyan is a multi-bootloader and a replacement for the plain Lua BIOS. The features it encompasses include: a whitelist to prevent random strangers from tampering with the computer a Lua interpreter to test your sudden ideas support for hot-plugging filesystems if you've forgot to insert a floppy the ability to format or label a filesystem, while we're at it loading the boot payload from the internet when you can't afford an HDD and a gorgeous, minimalistic design Pictures: To install on OpenOS, run the following: wget -fq https://raw.githubusercontent.com/BrightYC/Cyan/master/installer.lua && installer.lua Or, if you're a MineOS user, look for the program (bearing the same name) at your local AppMarket. Here's how the whitelist works. You add trusted users to the list when the installer asks you. Then the bootloader will ignore any signals from other people. That's it. Oh, and you can also choose a less restrictive option: the Cyan BIOS can wait for input from a trusted user. Before that an authorized person can't access the bootloader. Lastly, a couple of words about the Lua interpreter. It doesn't wrap the output, and the input command must be less than the screen width. The last restriction can be circumvented by copy-pasting the command. In addition to that, the bootloader defines the following functions: os.sleep([timeout: number]) proxy(componentName: string): table or nil — returns a component proxy by its name (cf. component.proxy, which takes an address) read(lastInput: string or nil): string or nil — a primitive io.read() print(...) The source code for the curious: https://github.com/BrightYC/Cyan P. S. Big thanks to @Fingercomp for his lecture about string escapes and writing this text.
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