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  1. It would seem that is the case. I am even having trouble automating the Ground Traps. I have to manually insert the bait. Not even vanilla hoppers can do it. Thank you @Molinko for the support! Cheers!
  2. Just tried useUp() with sneaky option and it doesn't work. Just to make sure this is how you use the function for what i need: robot.useUp(1,1) -- right click above the robot is the first 1, while sneaking with the second 1
  3. I tried robot.useUp() and it does nothing. robot.swingUp() breaks the block, which I do not want. I even tried suckUp() and again nothing. It seems that Pam's need a real player to make a right click.
  4. Hey guys! New here! I am on minecraft 1.10.2 and I made a robot that can harvest Agricraft crops for me. All is working well. I go above the crops and call useDown() function. Now I am trying to harvest cinnamon from cinnamon logs and pepper from pepper tree fruits from Pam's Harvestcraft and the useDown/useUp functions do nothing. Any ideas as to how I can make the robot do those for me? Cheers!
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