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  1. I want to make a basic miner robot, and a nice addition would be to detect when it is adjacent to an ore of some kind. I have found two ways to achieve this by reading the documentation: Have a sample of an ore of every kind laid out in the robot's inventory and use the robot's api `compare` function. However it will be cumbersome to always set up the inventory in the right order every time I place the robot. Using the geolyzer's `analyze` function, however it seems to consume an enormous amount of energy, so it's not viable to use this at every step. The database component seemed like a nice option at first. I can pre-configure it with all kinds of ores and then have the robot function similarly to option 1. However I found no method to compare to an adjacent block, only blocks in the robot's inventory. As you can see, no option is exactly viable for my use case. Is there anything I'm missing? It feels weird that something like this is not available, otherwise robot functionality to "see" is very limited. Cheers
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