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  1. https://pastebin.com/LdjPtvsd https://pastebin.com/fByU0GmU https://pastebin.com/EcgEVCZn https://pastebin.com/qc8SQH60 https://pastebin.com/RvTA4Tya https://pastebin.com/RbutY0fw https://pastebin.com/ypi2ciWu https://pastebin.com/bQN9jeuu https://pastebin.com/tWnqrVdC single player
  2. would it be alright if i send an old log from a few days ago?
  3. it happens both if i stay there and use the BRGC and if i go away and dont touch the program it still happens but as soon as i close the program no problems occur
  4. now i probably should add that this is the first time it said anything in the logs about the reactor but ive been facing this issue for a while (sudden no tps ect)
  5. Simulated reactor ingame https://imgur.com/a/VtgIQ and no i didnt touch my reactor or turbines
  6. do u see anything wrong with my setup, the "waiting for server" happens only when i use ur program https://imgur.com/a/rglXJ
  7. https://pastebin.com/T4B1TxcV i got this today and i get no tps, this only happens when i have ur program on, any guesses why? and btw i changed from rftools power cells to an induction matrix
  8. is there any chance you would add support for rftools power, ive tried it and it works partly until you reach about 2grf and then it doesnt register any more and also how do u connect the capacitor banks, in ur webpage it says u need computronics but doesnt explain further
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