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  1. Steve505

    Script interrupt

    Hey guys! I read at the OC wiki that the event.shouldInterrupt() was removed... So I want to know, how to prevent people from interrupting my program. I thought it could be done with thing like this: if keyboard.isControlDown == true or keyboard.isAltDown == true then os.sleep(1) end Basically it's a solution, but not a good one... Do you know about better one? Thanks, Steve505
  2. I've closed the program by pressing ctrl + alt + c, and i had to press it twice to return to shell. So I thought that the app was running on the background.
  3. Hey there! I'm doing for our server something like an information terminal. The problem is, that there are several terminals at different places. Each has access to a Raid, where are all information stored. When I want to display an information from Raid, the program where I was before keeps running (on the background, I suppose). Is there a way to just switch to other program and the old one kill? Thanks! Steve505
  4. I cannot use keyboard.isControl(), it doesn't tell if the key is pressed or not...
  5. Steve505

    Keyboard trouble

    Hey, it's again me! Now I have an issue with keyboard. I've found out, that there are only few keys working with keyboard.isKeyDown(), listed in "/lib/keyboard.lua". But how can I use the rest of the keys? E.g. numpad, function keys etc. I've also found in "/lib/core" file "keyboard_full.lua", but that didn't help me... Thanks again, Steve505
  6. Oh... That's pretty easy, I was expected something more difficult. Thank you for help, code is now working perfectly. Steve505 EDIT: I've found another two problems: Can I use io.open():read() only on specific line of a file? Is there a way of printing io.open():read() without quotations? E.g. when the file contains text She sells sea shells..., mentioned code'll print on the screen "She sells sea shells", and I want to remove these quotation marks.
  7. Hey there! I'm working on a program similar to the database but I've find out problem I couldn't figure out... Program should ask for code name (which'll be file name), information about code name, date and time of saving etc. But how I can insert variable in io.open()? Code now looks like this: ... print("Enter command:") print("") if io.read() == "add" then print("Enter item location:") LOC = io.read() f = io.open("/WH/db/"LOC, "w") -- This is the problem, LOC (variable, as seen above) should be future file name... print("Enter information:") CONT = term.read() f:write(CONT) f:close() ... Thanks for help, Steve505
  8. Thanks for an idea. Maybe in the future, I'll use it. But I've figured out the probably simpliest solution. Basically, at each plot, there'll be a small storage of energy, which I'll have to check each week and via OC measure consumed energy. After measure, I'll charge storage, which owner of the plot will be using for another week... It's not a central controlled system, but that could be easily done. The most impotrtant thing is, that this is simple. And as once one smart man said; "There is beauty in simplicity." Anyway, thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.
  9. Exactly, I have main energy storage (from Draconic Evolution) and then there are cable distribution under the road. So, what is your more practical solution?
  10. Hey there! Yes, your interpretation is correct. In fact, I've got similar idea. But this solution is not very suitable because it's too much complicated. I want to monitor this energy consumption on our server at each user in the town. It'll be not very practical, if I had to build and configure this system 50 or more times. Yes, if it'll be a best solution and there will be not a straight way of reading I/O, I'll have to do it. I was just surprised that reading I/O is possible for reactors, generators, dynamos etc., but not for energy storages. Thanks for help, Steve505
  11. Hi there! I was writing a program which monitors total energy consumption in period of time and I found a problem... None of Energy storages in our modpack (Energy Cell from TE, Capacitor Cell from EnderIO and Energy Cube from Mekanism) isn't sending data about actual energy output, so I've got stuck in my code. Has anybody a solution to my problem? Thanks, Steve505
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