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  1. Chrome wont let me go to your website either.
  2. I had an issue similar to this. Change your cpu to Lua 5.2 mode
  3. @XyFreak thanks for coming onto our server and finding out what the issue was.
  4. Who knows. Currently I am manually tuning it. Now has 3 turbines hooked up to it and still errors
  5. I wonder if it could be linked to the issue you just pinged Zero about.
  6. Its being fed by several aqueous acumulators and superlaminar fluiducts
  7. did that, also reduced its size, reinstalled on a clean disk again and still instant "Error"
  8. Its not even attempting to calibrate it, has 1 turbine connected.
  9. I hate to be a bug poster also but I am having some issues with Actively cooled reactors this last week. I will post my reactor design but the control program simply says "error" and nothing else. This is being played on a server Reactor Design: http://br.sidoh.org/#reactor-design?length=7&width=7&height=5&activelyCooled=true&controlRodInsertion=0&layout=8G5C2GC3XC2GCXCXC2GC3XC2G5C8G&modpack=defaults Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/AX0D344
  10. Thanks man, appreciated. A suggestion then, perhaps something in the gui to run a recalibration?
  11. was just wondering if there is a way to force recalibration for reactors and turbines that have been modified, as an example changing the reactor internals or turbine induction coil materials
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