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  1. Ebony

    RF Power Monitor

    as i coded it for 1.12 there was no EnderIO Crazy it works to be fair on enderIO
  2. This is a multiple Power Monitor for the mod OpenComputers. It will read from Rf Tools, Draconic Orbs and Thermal Expansion Power cells You can have multiple Cells. at the same it it will disaply and a Totel Power of all the cells. To install "wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ebonyfaye/Minecraft-OC/master/Power/Power.lua" then run Power.lua screen size is 2x3
  3. hi yes i been looking for the same as well, so i started work on it, nerver used opencomputers (did some cc stuff a long time ago) but am very good in LUA as its used for addons in a very well known game. Here is somthing i have come up with fast.
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