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  1. Hello y'all! Is it possible to use the InventoryControllers getStackInInternalSlot method to check info about the currently equipped item? I cannot just unequip it and check it from there for there's (in my case) no Inventory Upgrade. Cheerio! //jag
  2. Upon an interrupt any event pulling function (for example os.sleep) throws an interrupt error, so one solution is to use pcall around all your event pulling function calls to silence those interrupt errors. Example solution: th = thread.create(function() while true do pcall(os.sleep, 1) computer.beep() end end):detach()
  3. Hello yarl. How do I get the maximum packet size setting for transmitting data via a modem? I can assume the default value of 8192, but having the server-based setting would be nice. The wiki states there's a `maxPacketSize` method but that one seems to be missing, at least from my version. Currently I am using a nasty hack of trying to send exponentially bigger messages to figure out the maximum size from the error message (where it says `packet too big (max XXXX)`), but I'd rather have the proper way. I am using OpenComputers v1.7.0.20 on Minecraft 1.12.2. Thanks in advance!
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