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  1. As far as the image itself, I just drag-and-dropped it right from where it is on screen here into the folder. Also, after testing a couple other images it appears that I'm running into the problem of having "Images not using Truecolour or Truecolour+Alpha colour types". I figure I need to perform some sort of conversion but I don't know how to go about doing that.
  2. I am having just a bit of trouble using this plugin. I'm fairly new to OpenComputers as a whole, so please correct me if I'm wrong in any of these steps I've taken. From the start, I: 1. got a T3 case with a T3 graphics card, 2 T2.5 RAM, and a T1 hard drive 2. installed openos on the hard drive 3. Pasted the contents of the zip file in the OP into my /lib/ folder corresponding to the hard drive 4. placed the same miku picture Moonlight used in /home/ to use as a test 5. Ran "pngview", and input "miku.png" Similar to simon, I recieved an error: * PNG Loading Error * While attempting to load '/home/miku.png' as PNG, libPNGImage errored: /lib/deflatelua.lua:115: unexpected end of file with context 1 Similar but not the same as mine is with the "context 1". If anyone could assist or let me know if I'm missing something, it would be greatly appreciated.
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