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  1. Robotic Actually Additions Canola Oil Improver - RAACOI This is a semi-automatic script for robots that takes oil from Actually Additions and crafts it into the next tier. Canola Oil --> Crystallized Oil or Crystallized Oil ---> Empowered Oil. In short, the robot will: Take Canola Oil, drop it down, drop a seed and put the new oil into a container. So you will still need to deal with the seeds in atomic reconstruction and empowerer. That's not that bad to manually do though since you can do them stack by stack. The robot will simply pause and try later if something goe
  2. Drone Tree Farmer - Introduction - This is an automatic tree farmer script for drones harvesting spruce wood in king size (2x2). Just place a chest next to the drone and 8 or more saplings in the first slot and it should be be able to go on forever. No coal is needed, no charge pads, the solar panel upgrade will power the drone. This is not the fastest way to get wood, but it's pretty cheap, easy setup and doesn't need maintenance. Built for: OpenComputers-MC1.10.2-, Lua 5.2. Also works on OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-, Lua 5.2, othe
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