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    Toskin reacted to Log in GPS on microcontrollers   
    Program and library for building GPS network.
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS/master/usr/bin/gps.lua /bin/gps.lua
    wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS/master/usr/lib/gps.lua /lib/gps.lua
    The functionality is the same as in the ComputerCraft.
    Additional command "flash" allows to upload firmware to EEPROM.
    When the coordinates are precisely determined, when flashing the position of the microcontroller can be omitted - at the first start it will determine its position from neighboring satellites and save on EEPROM.
    GPS network startup example.
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    Toskin reacted to Elijahlorden in StattenOS - Base control system   
    I am currently completely rewriting this project from the ground up.  One of the larger changes coming with this is the conversion from a terminal interface to a webpage-like interface.  The rewrite will include all of the features the current version does, but presented in an easier to work with format.  The pesky installer issues will also be solved, as the new installer will pull files individually from the GitHub repo rather than unpacking a giant serialized table.
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    Toskin reacted to Luubstar in StattenOS - Base control system   
    Hey, I liked your OS, but I'm not able to install it, when I try, crashing the pc, saying something about int 24.
    could you explain how to install it?
    What do I have to do with the github file?
    thanks (I'm noob, sorry if this message bothers you:3)
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    Toskin reacted to asie in Introducing "Lunatic"   
    No spoiler in the title. Just watch the video.
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    Toskin reacted to Xlaits in skex-BIOS   
    I can't look at the code. Avast is telling me there's a virus on your website.
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    Toskin reacted to Firiusfoxx in MineOS: powerful desktop environment for OpenOS   
    In his Russian terms of service it says you are now his slave  
    Russian Terms of service
    Note: I am not responsible for anything you read here
    Note: This page is in Russian and will need to be translated to English if you are English
    From GitHub - Pre translated - By Google Translate
    Carefully read the terms of this license agreement before installing the operating system.   By clicking "Accept", you agree to the following:   ● You have to act immediately in the anal slavery to the author     this operating system.   ● Some of your personal data (user names, passwords     pastebin.com sites and vk.com) can be read by others     humans and used for personal gain because of your same     inattention.   ● You agree not to distribute this OS, as well as     its individual components under its own copyright mark without     copyright.   ● Do you accept the fact that the author of the operating system does not bear any     responsible for any physical or mental injury,     you may suffer by using this OS.   ● ...   ● Yes whom it **** bro? Legs together, **** in the prick, and forward     toward the unknown!      In case of disagreement with any of the above claims, you have to press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + C, to complete installer.
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    Toskin reacted to Lander in StattenOS - Base control system   
    I just got this error! 
    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Toskin reacted to Frontrider in StattenOS - Base control system   
    Same here, it sounds like the system I need,but it will not install.
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