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  1. Totally Awesome. Love it so much. Thank you guys ! <3
  2. Hey XyFreak, thank you for your fast response. Well the hint with the transfer out of it made me try and replace all the Output stuff like the Stabilizer and Flux Gate, but wasnt working. No Output at all like you said. I then set it up that the Flux Gate and Stabilizer were separated and linked together with a Cryo Fluxduct. And what should i say ? It works now. Here is a Screenshot showing how the Output now is connected. https://imgur.com/a/XWVmoIu Thank you so much for that hint ! awesome. Im Happy now
  3. Hey there, i run into a Problem and i dont know if its a Bug in DE or OC or in your Program but, i setup everything as it should and i can warmup the reactor just fine. Then i can Activate it too. Then it starts running crazy. The Energy Saturation just runs in a few seconds to 100% and the Reactor shutsdown. I've added some Screenshots to imgur wich shows the stuff happening and the Setup. Im using DW20 1.12.2-2.3.0 Mod Pack from Twitch DE Version: Draconic-Evolution-1.12.2- OC Version: OpenComputers-MC1.12.2- Here are some Screenshots wich shows how fast it grows till the Reactor shutdown. If you need more Informations or something else, let me know.: https://imgur.com/a/q1IQXQw Thanks in advance
  4. Awesome Gui. Im very new to Lua but not to Programming at all. With this Gui i was able to do the stuff i wanted. Terrasteel Automation. Well my Program isnt finished yet, and needs some advanced stuff to do to like mana checks etc. but it works well for now and at least for me. Your Designer has some issues with List Creation it lacks beginning " and ending " in the List Title but its easy to fix it myself. I searched so much on youtube and reddit posts for some solutions to create it fully automated, but got only some hints and ideas. so i'll share the WIP Code here for someones needs. The Setup is kinda simple. its just a very Small Refined Storage system wich holds just the Credients needed for the Terrasteel Ingot. Then it needs just an Interface + OC Adapter without any Upgrade in it. Then there is 1 Chest wich gets the Items step by step with a 5 seconds sleep timer to get ready for the next one (this may be adjusted for slower mana flows so the steel can be made till the next items can put in place with the Open Crate. Another Chest with an Advanced Item Collector (Random Things mod with item filter) takes the Terrasteel only. (I personally take this chest into my AE2 ME System but you can work with whatever you want here. Hope this helps one or another. Keep in mind its still WIP, working but needs additional checks and things. But you get ideas as well. Cheers Coco <3 local component = require("component") local gpu = component.gpu gpu.setResolution(160,50) local gui = require("gui") local event = require("event") local sides = require("sides") local rsInterface = component.block_refinedstorage_interface gui.checkVersion(2,5) local prgName = "botanics" local version = "v1.0" local function getContentAmount(material) local allItems = rsInterface.getItems() for i, item in ipairs(allItems) do if(item.label == material) then --getContent = rsInterface.getItem(item, true) return (item.size) end end end local function getItemToCraft(material) local allItems = rsInterface.getItems() for s, item in ipairs(allItems) do if(item.label == material) then --local getCraftItem = rsInterface.getItem(item, true) rsInterface.extractItem(item, 1, sides.right) end end end -- Begin: Callbacks local function order_list_callback(guiID, listID, selected, text) -- Your code here if (text == 'Terrasteel') then material_label = 'Terrasteel' material_content_1 = 'Mana Pearl' material_content_2 = 'Manasteel Ingot' material_content_3 = 'Mana Diamond' material_amount_1 = getContentAmount(material_content_1) material_amount_2 = getContentAmount(material_content_2) material_amount_3 = getContentAmount(material_content_3) else material_label = 'Waehle aus' material_content_1 = '' material_content_2 = '' material_content_3 = '' end gui.newLabel(mainGui, 56, 2, ""..material_label.."", 0xc3c3c3, 0x0, 15) gui.newLabel(mainGui, 56, 4, ""..material_content_1.."", 0xc3c3c3, 0x0, 15) if (text == 'Terrasteel' and material_amount_1 > 0) then gui.newLabel(mainGui, 75, 4, ""..material_amount_1.."", 0xc3c3c3, 0x33ff00, 7) else gui.newLabel(mainGui, 75, 4, "missing", 0xc3c3c3, 0xff0000, 7) end gui.newLabel(mainGui, 56, 5, ""..material_content_2.."", 0xc3c3c3, 0x0, 15) if (text == 'Terrasteel' and material_amount_2 > 0) then gui.newLabel(mainGui, 75, 5, ""..material_amount_2.."", 0xc3c3c3, 0x33ff00, 7) else gui.newLabel(mainGui, 75, 5, "missing", 0xc3c3c3, 0xff0000, 7) end gui.newLabel(mainGui, 56, 6, ""..material_content_3.."", 0xc3c3c3, 0x0, 15) if (text == 'Terrasteel' and material_amount_3 > 0) then gui.newLabel(mainGui, 75, 6, ""..material_amount_3.."", 0xc3c3c3, 0x33ff00, 7) else gui.newLabel(mainGui, 75, 6, "missing", 0xc3c3c3, 0xff0000, 7) end gui.displayGui(mainGui) end local function text_menge_callback(guiID, textID, text) local toCraft = text return toCraft end local function button_start_callback(guiID, buttonID) local toCraft = guiID[3].text local counter = 0 local limiters = tonumber(toCraft) progress = gui.newProgress(guiID, 2, 18, 35, limiters, 0, nil, true) for i = 1, toCraft do -- print(toCraft, material_label, material_content_1, material_content_2, material_content_3) gui.displayGui(guiID) getItemToCraft(material_content_1) getItemToCraft(material_content_2) getItemToCraft(material_content_3) order_list_callback(guiID, nil, nil, material_label) counter = counter + 1 if counter <= limiters then gui.setValue(guiID, progress, counter) end if counter > limiters then counter = 0 end os.sleep(5) end end local function exitButtonCallback(guiID, id) local result = gui.getYesNo("", "Do you really want to exit?", "") if result == true then gui.exit() end gui.displayGui(mainGui) refresh() end -- End: Callbacks -- Begin: Menu definitions mainGui = gui.newGui(2, 2, 158, 48, true) order_list = gui.newList(mainGui, 1, 1, 50, 15, {}, order_list_callback, "Was soll hergestellt werden?") gui.insertList(mainGui, order_list, "Waehle aus") gui.insertList(mainGui, order_list, "Terrasteel") label_menge = gui.newLabel(mainGui, 54, 12, "Menge:", 0xc3c3c3, 0x0, 7) text_menge = gui.newText(mainGui, 54, 13, 10, "0", text_menge_callback, 20, false) button_start = gui.newButton(mainGui, 54, 15, "Starten", button_start_callback) frame_info = gui.newFrame(mainGui, 54, 1, 40, 10) exitButton = gui.newButton(mainGui, 151, 48, "exit", exitButtonCallback) -- End: Menu definitions gui.clearScreen() gui.setTop("Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate Automation") gui.setBottom("Made with Visual Gui v0.1a and Gui library v2.5") -- Main loop while true do gui.runGui(mainGui) end
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