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  1. About Us

    We are a server that focuses on galacticraft and technology. This server used to be run as a just galcticraft server but due to crashes with sponge (aka spongebob) the world got corrupt. Now I decided to host with some other mods featuring Extraplanets, OpenComputers, Mekanism, and other small mods. You can find all infomation below.

    Important server stuff

    Please join to receive all news https://discord.gg/j56hTmR
    We do have rules that you need to follow which would be right here
    You can get the modpack here
    The server ip is universalmc.fluctis.com:26921


    I guess you can put this old promo video I made as this servers one for now (:





      I have been looking for a active web browser mod for a while and the only thing I found was a 1.7.10 mod for it. I need someone to implement a browser into a computer.



      I would like it to be a browser that can play videos, use google as the default page, and maybe be able to download chrome plugins if it's not to hard to implement.



      I would appreciate it as soon as possible but only if you can.


    Additional Information:

      Simply email me at saby232323@gmail.com


    Thank you in advance

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