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  1. Can soneone explan how/where I have to place the blocks like doorcontroller to open the door?
  2. New Problems. I have changed my MC Version back to 1.7.10. Now is the issue gone, but getting new problems: How to place the doorblock to open the door? When I restart the Card-Writer are all Users gone.
  3. no ideas needed. Its perfect how it is
  4. thanks. Good to know. Hope you can find some time for it You work is fantastic. The GUI is also really good - fits perfect to it.
  5. cant get it to work. Server is running. Card Writer doesnt show me the User which I have created after restart. And the Door-Computer shows the this message: the door controller is attached to the computer. But I have also no idea how to connect it to the door.... Thanks for the Help
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