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  1. In his Russian terms of service it says you are now his slave Russian Terms of service Note: I am not responsible for anything you read here Note: This page is in Russian and will need to be translated to English if you are English ------------------------------------------------------------------ From GitHub - Pre translated - By Google Translate Carefully read the terms of this license agreement before installing the operating system. By clicking "Accept", you agree to the following: ● You have to act immediately in the anal slavery to the author this operating system. ● Some of your personal data (user names, passwords pastebin.com sites and vk.com) can be read by others humans and used for personal gain because of your same inattention. ● You agree not to distribute this OS, as well as its individual components under its own copyright mark without copyright. ● Do you accept the fact that the author of the operating system does not bear any responsible for any physical or mental injury, you may suffer by using this OS. ● ... ● Yes whom it **** bro? Legs together, **** in the prick, and forward toward the unknown! In case of disagreement with any of the above claims, you have to press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + C, to complete installer.
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