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  1. I'm using BRGC with two active cooled reactors to pump steam into a Mekanism turbine, however the program is basically just maxing the reactors at about 3400mb/t of steam each. The turbine certainly isn't full of steam or power and I re-ran the calibration just to make sure, but it seems to sit at that 3.4b/t or at about 93% rod insertion. Any ideas how to get the program to ramp the reactors to maximum capacity as demand allows?
  2. Is there anyway an IDC can be sent via a tablet or other device? Or must it be via this program?
  3. I honestly don't think BR crashing with turbines is going to be fixed for 1.10.2, the bug report's been idle for over a month with no updates but work on the mod seems to occur still for 1.12. At the least you can use a BR cooled reactor and a Mekanism turbine if you have Mekanism installed too, which tends to yield more power per mb of steam.
  4. In regards to my above post, I've put up an issue on Extreme Reactor's Github at: https://github.com/ZeroNoRyouki/BigReactors/issues/111 I tried turbines out with a CC program as well, however the same issue occurred which leads me to think this is an Extreme Reactors issue rather than something in OC.
  5. Hi, I've had this same issue pop up and unlike the other two people who posted it I'm not using a modpack. Did anyone ever figure out the cause and/or a possible solution? It only ever seems to happen if I'm running turbines with the program. Running this on 1.10.2 with latest versions of Extreme Reactors and OC. Exactly the same crash logs as has been posted, which is what led me here.
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