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  1. In the computer: --Setting libraries local component = require("component") local term = require("term") local event = require("event") local modem = component.modem --Program code modem.open(111) term.clear() print(">") term.setCursor(2,1) input = io.read() if input == "server.status" then modem.send("address of the server", 123, input) os.sleep(2) local _,_,_,_,_,status = event.pull("modem") print("Server status: " .. status) else print("Illegal command") end In the server: --Setting libraries local component = require("component") local term = require("term") loc
  2. Hello everyone. I have a problem with the server rack the commands mentioned in the title of the thread. I have to send a message from the server to a computer.....but the problem is that he receives messages from other computers but not send them. I tried to use programs and single commands but still not work. I wrote this on the server: component.modem.broadcast("111, "test") or component.modem.send({computer address}, 111, "test") And this on the computer: =event.pull("modem_message") I used the relay to realize that it is the server doesn't send messages
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