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  1. My Robot AI uses blocks beneath the robot to identifiy a path to move along. Everything is said in the script. Here is the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/zKiLgp0N pastebin get zKiLgp0N It uses robot inventory slots to compare the path blocks. --[[ Ok so heres how this works. You must place the control blocks in robot slots 1-5. 1: Forward, 2: Right, 3: Left, 4: Up, 5: Down. ]]-- local robot = require("robot") while true do robot.select(1) if robot.compareDown() == true then robot.forward() end robot.select(2) if robot.compareDown() == true then robot.turnRight() robot.forward() end robot.select(3) if robot.compareDown() == true then robot.turnLeft() robot.forward() end robot.select(4) if robot.compareDown() == true then robot.up() robot.forward() end robot.select(5) if robot.compareDown() == true then robot.forward() robot.down() end end
  2. This is confusing to me. Can you explain it in a bit more detail? Like what EXACTLY you have to do step by step? Thanks!
  3. I am really confused how you use the network debugger. Is there a specific thing I have to do?
  4. Yeah sorry about that. I'm still new to programming the computers. Thanks for the reply though.. One step closer to learning!
  5. Awesome! It works now! Thanks a bunch!
  6. Okay so I went to the root directory first.. cd / Then I did edit /autorun.lua THEN I pasted in the code for the program.. After that, I saved it then rebooted my computer. When it booted OpenOS, I was expecting the program to kick in and ask me for a password but it didn't. It just did what it normally does and took me to the shell. Did I do something wrong?
  7. This looks like a great program. You should try to submit it as an OPPM so anybody can install it!
  8. Hello. I have a computer set up but I need a startup password on it or a BIOS password. If someone could reply with a code that could boot a BIOS and need a password that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  9. I think that the OC team should add like, a format command or something. That will format the currently mounted/booted drive. I made something like this, I turned it from a virus to a formatting tool. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My SecuriWipe program is a program to securely and safely wipe your computer, format the drive, and flash your EEPROM. It leaves NO file behind and is easy to run! WARNING: SecuriWipe deletes ALL FILES on the drive run on! SecuriWipe will FLASH YOUR BIOS, AND RENDER THE COMPUTER UNABLE TO BE OPERATED UNTIL THE EEPROM IS REPLACED AND HAS A NEW FLOPPY DISK/HARD DISK. If you do not feel comfortable with the above method, there is an ALTERNATIVE! The alternative method will only delete files off the drive, leaving the EEPROM to work. You will need to insert a new floppy disk into your computer and reinstall OpenOS to it. To use method 1 of SecuriWipe, run this command in the shell: pastebin get Yc6sv6uQ SecuriWipe;SecuriWipe To use method 2 of SecuriWipe, run THIS command in the shell: pastebin get 3NJj9aSJ SecuriWipe;SecuriWipe ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It SHOULDN'T delete anything it's not supposed to, have a look at the Pastebin. I need people to try this out so I can submit it to OPPM. I wouldn't reccomend doing this on a survival computer, unless you really need it wiped. Thanks!
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