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  1. No problem! Glad I could help and thank you for your awesome program! :-)
  2. I tried show test / show test.3d / show test.3dx I haven't tried the path though, Ill just start up the server, download the new english localization (THANK YOU >.<) and try again, not sure if its worth mentioning, but the editor itself also can't load the saved files stating "file not found", can I use the full path in the editor aswell when loading? Ill update this post after i've tested, Ill also try starting up a new singleplayer map and see if I get the same issues, I guess it's worth noting I am using the skyfactory 3 modpack [update] typing the full path does work, nothing else however, I took a few screenshots to show you. Also, when closing the editor, the screen isn't properly cleared, so the console's color gets changed and there is a large block of red left on the screen. also, the ghost image doesn't appear to be working in version 0.7 http://imgur.com/a/PKc2r Thanks, CK3
  3. I know it has been a while since anyone has posted, but I can't find an alternative and I am not smart enough to figure it out. I am trying to use the hologram editor/show programs, the editor is working fine, and the preview hologram button is working fine aswell, however saving, and showing, doesn't work. I'm not sure why but the editor program saves fine, and a file with the correct name is created, however the show program refuses to see the created file at all. Both holo and show are both located in the same directory (/home) , checking through my server, the file created does have data, so I'm totally perplexed... (I am using the 7,0 version *russian to see if the older english one wasnt working but they are both doing the same)
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