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    The isntaller doesn't work, I tried it the first time and it errored with "unexpected symbol near 'in'" so I looked into it and you tried to use in as a variable name so I fixed that then it errored module "auth" not found after I entered my username and password I don't feel like fixing your program so I just gave up at this point
  2. You mentioned Shinexusuk which is why I had to make an account to say this: So what happened was Shine turned into "Nexcore" which it was run as for a while and recently, yesterday the 23rd, Nexcore got shut down since no one played on it and Dannysmc95 (the owner) said it used too many resources on his dedicated server, but recently we've made Project </Beta> it has a small amount of mods not quite as active as Shine and most of the players are more CC oriented (like me). Sorry to advertise and to link to ccforums but I just wanted you to know what happened and for you to find a good server.
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