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  1. I believe I've seen this before, haven't done much looking into it but I'll check it out and see if it's what I'm looking for. Thanks. Edit: yeah this isn't what I'm looking for, I was talking about an emulator built into MineOS to create programs for OpenOS using the Mine IDE editor
  2. Now all it needs is an autocomplete like Visual Studio then I can dump notepad++ for this
  3. Really cool, though the only thing I would really use it for is the Mine IDE editor so I don't have to use an external editor that doesn't have the OpenOS libraries. Which leads me on to my next point: cross-compatibility. MineOS isn't cross-compatible with OpenOS's libraries, which I really need unless you make a command line, low memory usage, version of your MineOS to run on extremely low-end machines. Even then, I would have to port all of my existing programs on to your OS. I create a lot of programs for computers around my MC world to manage redstone things in a neat manner. Installin
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