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  1. I believe I've seen this before, haven't done much looking into it but I'll check it out and see if it's what I'm looking for. Thanks. Edit: yeah this isn't what I'm looking for, I was talking about an emulator built into MineOS to create programs for OpenOS using the Mine IDE editor
  2. Now all it needs is an autocomplete like Visual Studio then I can dump notepad++ for this
  3. Really cool, though the only thing I would really use it for is the Mine IDE editor so I don't have to use an external editor that doesn't have the OpenOS libraries. Which leads me on to my next point: cross-compatibility. MineOS isn't cross-compatible with OpenOS's libraries, which I really need unless you make a command line, low memory usage, version of your MineOS to run on extremely low-end machines. Even then, I would have to port all of my existing programs on to your OS. I create a lot of programs for computers around my MC world to manage redstone things in a neat manner. Installing MineOS on every one of those computers isn't an option. Would be really cool if you could make an OpenOS emulator of sorts just to create programs for OpenOS.
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