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  1. Ok, I understand now. I omitted where I hooked up another Elite energy cube so the reactor had time to turn on and make steam to charge it up. That explains the "Calibrating" message that I saw. It all makes sense now! Thanks so much for your help. Your program is awesome and I know it will keep my power grid functioning at maximum efficiency. Have a great day!
  2. Well, I wish I could say that it works perfectly, but for some reason, there is an error with my reactor. When I run "brgc_reactor start" it starts up my reactor just fine. But when I run "brgc_turbine start" my turbine starts up but then the error occurs. I tried again but altered my cable setup and waited a bit before starting the turbine program and it seems to be working flawlessly now. Was I running the turbine program too quickly? If you could help me stamp out this one last bug then I'm sure I can apply it to any other setup that I build later. Thanks so much for your help. This wil
  3. OMG I'm a dummy. As soon as I sent my last reply it hit me. There's an installation file on the floppy. Duh! LS and see the /bin. cd /bin, there's the install file. Run it, restart, download the brgc_installer, run it. Works. Holy crap. I'm gonna go hug a Creeper now.
  4. Yes, though I'm guessing that I should be using something else...this is my first foray into OC. Like I literally just discovered it last week.
  5. Here's what I found and the result of your request. It's probably something simple that I'm missing on my end, but I can't figure out what. Plus, it's been well over 25 years since I messed with Lua. To say that I'm rusty is an understatement. But I'd really like to get your program to work as it will do exactly what I need. Thanks for your help.
  6. Sorry. I guess that I should have attached an image. Here is the result. As I said, I can download the installer but when I try to run it, it fails on everything.
  7. Wget downloads the lua but when it tries to install it fails on everything . I'm running a Tier 2 setup.
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