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  1. event handling appears to be too low, or having to go though too much code, possible you are checking if anything on screen needs redraw on each keypress? anyway, keep A down and you'll notice it fast
  2. also, you should join us on irc! http://webchat.esper.net/?channels=#oc
  3. first off, that is pretty bloody awesome secondly, if you press menu twice, space:558: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'minx' (a nil value) thirdly, i gotta hurry the fuck up with my os so i can have you make this awesome shit on there instead, where you natively get SLI AND CROSSFIRE!!! (names supplied by sangar, trololol) for faster drawing!
  4. computer.pullSignal works like event.pull does... And you should most certainly read up on these functions before just using them. if you do computer.pullSignal, it'll block until a signal is recieved, this could be component_added, component_removed, key_down or key_up alot of information is being sent ... So you take down each keypress, and build it into a string A very very crude example would be local str = '' local c = true while c == true do local e,_, uni, code = computer.pullSignal () if e == 'key_down' then -- So a key was pressed, yay, this is what we want if uni
  5. you should not do this though io.read (), build the string yourself through computer.pullSignal, that way you cant bypass by pressing ctrl-alt-c either.
  6. istasi

    set resolution

    http://pastebin.com/Qq9ynCPg So yeah, click on the light blue bar on the sides to expand the resolution horizontal, click the light blue bar on top or bottom to expand the resolution vertical It want to use max size resolution, while still keeping it valid. press apply once done. PS. Any method to do this process 100% automatically?, cant seem to figure a proper way of doing that.
  7. Having had somewhat similar issue, solution was to break computer and rebuild it ... my issue was that i had dropped a slightly big file onto it through the windows explorer, attempted to open it, after that, the computer just didn't wanna do much, despite reboots and whatnot.
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