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  1. I get this error: While attempting to load '/libPNG/stgX_.png' as PNG, libPNGImage erred: too long without yielding The resolution of the image is 161 x 66px.. Can someone help me?
  2. Ok got it.. I wasn't able to find it because Minecraft was open Thanks for your help!
  3. Could elaborate a bit more please? This is all I have in my opencomputers folder: And this is inside '170.146': And this is inside '171.146': I have no clue where I put the files in..
  4. I downloaded a program from the program library here at OC. But the problem is that I have no clue on how to import that program into Minecraft to work in OC. Can someone help me? I know this sounds really nooby but I couldn't find it in the documentation. So please if you can, help me.
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