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  1. The game crashed with the Index Out Of Bound error
  2. Zoidburg once said something similar and blew my sanity lol
  3. I am looking forward to adding this feature in my OCLinux kernel but I am not sure how to do it. Just in case you need to take a look at the function that control filesystem components: https://github.com/WattanaGaming/OCLinux/blob/master/boot/kernel/OCLinux.lua#L83
  4. I originally create this kernel as a small software to provide basic functions for reading file, control components, etc. so I can create my custom OS. I decided to make it modular so it would be easy to debug and be like Linux. But I realized it can be used to make any custom OS I(or you)'d like. The kernel currently have few functions along with some useful variables. The functions include: gpuInvoke() Control the GPU and any attached displays. printStatus()/writeStatus() Low-level print() and io.write(). fs() Low-level filesystem controller. Can control a
  5. I am making a custom Linux-like kernel named "OCLinux" many functionalities are still missing, such as loading file, etc. How do I do this? Here is the kernel: https://github.com/WattanaGaming/OCLinux/blob/master/boot/kernel/OCLinux.lua
  6. This is the image of my kernel(Loaded up using OpenLoader as init) booting successfully. The print function is the first thing I need to implement so I ripped the status() function and some other important parts from OpenLoader and rename status() to print(). The next thing I need to do is to load init or bash(same concept as Linux kernel) and handle if init or bash exits
  7. I already took a look at it but I have to clues how to implement some useful functions like print() or to run another program from init.lua. I am completely clueless
  8. Assuming I need to write init.lua first, what should I put in for it to do something useful?
  9. But how i can download as Directory???
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