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  1. Did you try computer.getDeviceInfo() ?
  2. lua is the only file extension (afaik) known to OpenOS, not OC. If you write your own shell for OpenOS (or your own operating system), you can define for those how to interprete certain file extensions.
  3. Maybe something like ELinks https://packages.debian.org/stretch/elinks might be interesting. Not sure if i have the time to implement something like this tho.
  4. I think your idea is really cool. Can we expect to see some kind of proof of concept in the next few weeks?
  5. You have to load the drone component first. Because you do not have require() cause it's part of the OpenOS library, you need to load it via drone = component.proxy(component.list('drone')()) I hope this helps and that I did not forgot anything ^^
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