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  1. Hey there! So I'm trying to make a program that controls a bundled redstone cable, and opens a series of doors (For context I'm building a storage building with ten rooms - six Standard storage rooms ( S1 through S6 ), two Premium storage rooms (P1 and P2), a Utility room and the Office. With that in mind I want to write a program where I pass an argument, have it check to see if it matches any of the doors in the list, and then opens that door, or throws an error if no match is found. For example: "open s1" would open door S1, while "open foobar" would just return "That isn't a door." Here's the code I have so far, on Pastebin. Unfortunately I'm getting tripped up somewhere with this, and getting "Expected number, got string" errors. Any advice on this would be appreciated!
  2. I enjoy doodling fanart of folks' characters, so I tried to draw a not-as-blocky Sangar chatting with my own character about OpenComputers technology: Chaz Serir hasn't quite figured out the benefits of using a Scrench, but he's looking forward to installing that oversized 192kb stick of RAM into his first computer.
  3. I've been having some trouble finding packs that I can get into lately - I'd like to find (or make, though I severely doubt my own ability to make modpacks without them crashing the instant I try and examine something in NEI/JEI) a fairly lightweight modpack that features some technology, some automation, and most importantly support for OpenComputers and maybe the ability to use OpenComputers to interact with other items in the world, such as making a terminal that checks the contents of a chest, though that isn't specifically necessary. I'm not too choosy about the Minecraft version to use - as much as I'd love to find a stable pack that uses the 1.10 build of OpenComputers, if that's not a thing yet I don't mind sticking to 1.7 for the time being! Apologies if this is in the wrong board, also, I wasn't entirely sure what topic this'd fall under!
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