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  1. Hello, I have an inventory (RandomThings:PlayerInterface) connected via an adapter to my PC. It acts like a chest so no problems there. I found the connection but I can't get the NBT data for the tool (I wanna see which part its made of). I ve checked using the debug data in MC and i read the data I am looking for inside the NBT data of the tool, but I have no idea how and if the computer can access this data. If anyone knows anything I can do to access this data please do tell as I am at a loss.
  2. oh god, I was just assuming they were using the same bits of code... Still got a lot ot learn xs
  3. I seem to be running 5.2 but im not running into issues with it, so I dont think it matters if its there or not... Though I am running into an issue with the link u gave while I was trying to get it to work and I dont know why (error is on line 60) Not sure how to fix it, it should be replaced with event.pull() but http://pastebin.com/WAtUwmTL
  4. I ll check back again when i get back on the server (we re just making a backup and adding some mods so it could take about an hour I think unitill ir runs again. given id conflicts and such might pop up)
  5. afaik im running 5.2 but i need to require it. not sure what its about but doesnt rly matter,
  6. I understood most of what was happening in that code, but I currently get an error doing the pack command on a table. I used the require for table and i assumed pack would be a function coming along with that... I was wrong?
  7. Well damn ok than xD I ll check it tomorrow, its a bit hard on my phome amd its nearly 2 am here. Thx a lot tho, i think that will solve a lot of stuff, from what i can read with the horrible phone formatting on git xd
  8. Sure man, feel free to do so, Im curious what will come out of a more expierenced Lua coder ^^. I might hed of to bed shortly though, its getting kinda late. I lll check bak here in about 10ish hours xd
  9. http://pastebin.com/CZDtE8rn here ya go Im basically trying to make a terminal glasses terminal with a hud for every player. But I have my girlfriend playing on the server and I wanna change some stuff on her hud. (I may or not have drawn a heart around her cursor xD) Call it cheesy but its fun to do and good for a few laughs. That and poking around to see how crazy I can go with the terminal glasses interface. Been wanting to try it out and now I finally have some time to mess with it and actually get results EDIT: I fixed the nil thing, users[ v.name ] = user this was causing it to not save the variable, i removed it and it works
  10. Damn tables are confusing... To understand more or less what you are doing here I would compare the users-array to a struct holding 3 variables. Feel free to give some lua coding standards cuz I know myself to be a messy cder when it comes to it ^^ I try to write in functions but I'm used to having everything in a separate file abnd having access to that. Since I dont really know how to do that in Lua it leaves me with long files with a lot of functions... I googled a bit and found I could use shell but im not sure if that is an option that is worth using. Now I am trying to fix the first bit again because I may have made a mistake since the output of users by printing is returning an array but it is completely empty... Maybe it is a typo but I cannot seem to see what is going wrong right now, still looking though. Also dont worry about the bridge.sync, its at the very bottom of my start function which in turn is calling the methods I need to run the program. the print here is the one going nil twice
  11. I more or less got it working, all I don't uite seem to get is how to call a method to draw on a surface with this, how do I add a method to users.surface? I was going to try and make a method for every if statement like I am doing, so I can organise eaily. Basically I make a method for everything I want on the hud seperately, and call those in a method for the player that I want it to see it. I am not sure what I need to write in the first method for it to show up in the specific hud. As a sidenote, do I need to worry about the order of methods? does a method need to be written above its call or does it not matter for lua? I know it doesnt in C# but in C++ it does so I m not sure, EDIT: Just found out the # doesnt seem to be working...
  12. Ah i c. What u r doing makes sense. Using the string in the if structure and than sending the information to the value from the key. What i was doing checks using the name and only reads who is using the machine. I think thats how i messed up. I want the code to work but before I use it I always like to ask how exactly it works if im not sure ^^ that way i cn keep learning. Thx man, i ll try it when i get home and post the results
  13. Hello again guys, I need some help getting the terminal glasses to do what I want. (if its possible because I don't see a way to do it) I am trying to get a HUD using the terminal glasses from openperipherals and I'm all set up with it, the only issue is that I do not know how to send an element of the HUD to one specific person. f.e.: I would write the information coming from my reactor to one person, and not send that info (or not show it) to the other. Using the getUsers() method I managed to get the name of the player (with thanks to the forums) but it seems it is read only? Concrete question: How do I write a piece of information to a terminal glasses from a single bridge, different for 2 or more players. http://pastebin.com/iCNfuk3Z
  14. Got another issue but a bit more complicated and I can't think how it would be possible, I have the names now and I can display them, but the current problem is that its a read only thing... And I cannot personalise the HUD per person, All I can do is get the names of the people connected to it. I cant get access and show a specific thing individually. Is this a limitation or am I missing something? (Should this be a new topic or can I put this here? Otherwise I ll move it)
  15. damn tahts one masterful piece. I used the second one, but i assume the #users is the amount of things in the table? I am unfamiliar with lua but that would make sense (I am used to some C++ but i m still in school for it) I also marked yours as best answer because if people run into the same problem your answer is most compolete and explanatory thank you very much. Now I can send secret messages and give my friends on my server their own glasses UI of their own choosing ^^
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