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  1. Ok i fixed the SERVER SIDE issues, the client program is saying Failed to mount server file already exists, i'l work on fixing it next. not sure if we can put up fixed code, the original maker has been gone for a long while now. EDIT: Client side seems to work just fine, but it wont connect with the server.
  2. Was hoping this worked, the server program throws error, using linked cards on fully decked out T3 Servers.
  3. Yeah i figured this out a few hours after i posted that. now if only the dev(i think its lizzy.. right?) would add the option to make prints into working chairs or even Moar usefull things.
  4. the only ingame model creator for the 3D Printer that i know of is from MineOS which is in russian and the OS It comes with takes up alot of resources (Puts a heavy strain on a full T3 Server), has anyone made or plan on making a 3D Editor? maybe add projector support.
  5. I cant get a CC Floppy to insert via Shift/right click, Manual insertion works but my server/Tower cant detect it. in the 1.10 version of Opencomputers, In the tooltip it says there is support. CC Works just fine in 1.10 with CCTweaks/Unborker so its probably not the version.
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