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  1. Use the OpenComputers Tablet, it does the work.
  2. I have some problems: 1- I can't set the Scale of the 3D dot. 2- I can't set the Color of the 3D line.
  3. Amazing. I ever wanted to create one Terminator/Robocop/Futuristic HUD program, but without the world positioned holograms, a lot of triangulation work was necessary using OpenPeripheral Glasses. Huh, I don't think you need methods to know where the player is looking at, as the OpenPeripheral's Sensor does the job pretty well.
  4. This recipe for the roll has conflict with Tinkers' Construct's stack of paper. And when I try to use .writeIn, it says "attempt to call field "writeIn" ( a nil value ), that means the callback is other, or do not works. I am using OC and latest version of OpenPrinter.
  5. So, no plans on making possible to see the address via the analyzer ( at least in 1.3 ) ? Not everyone, unlike us, knows how to list components...
  6. It's requiring me user and password for download, lOl.
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