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    SpaceBeeGaming got a reaction from BattyCynris in Big Reactors Grid Control   
    @BattyCynris When you update OpenComputers (the mod), It doesn't change what is on the computers, it only changes the contents of the OpenOS floppy disk.
    So updating the in-game computer after the mod update only requires you to insert the OpenOS floppy disk and running "install" again.
    The tool you linked is basically just for those who can't update their mod (playing on a server with outdated version but need features of a newer version) so don't use it if normal updating is available.
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    SpaceBeeGaming got a reaction from skyzo63 in control door piston   
    This should do what you want. I didn't test it so it may not work. Just reply with the error message if it doesn't work.
    local component = require("component") local r = component.redstone local term = require("term") local text = require("text") ---- config section local password = { pw_open = "openMe", pw_close = "closeMe" } local side = 5 --side of the door ----- local open = false local input_password local function checkPassword(i_password) if (i_password == password.pw_open & open == false) then return true elseif (i_password == password.pw_close & open == true) then return true else return false end end term.clear() while true do print("Please enter the password:") input_password = text.trim(term.read({pwchar = "*"}) or "") if (checkPassword(input_password)) then if (open == true) then -- Close the door if open. print("Closing the door.") r.setOutput(side, 15) else -- Open the door if closed. print("Opening the door.") r.setOutput(side, 0) end else print("Password was wrong, try again") end end
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    SpaceBeeGaming reacted to Lizzian in Big/Extreme reactors issue   
    The pastebin link you're trying to use has expired/been deleted/removed.
    Not sure what one you were trying before but this might be good to look at
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    SpaceBeeGaming got a reaction from Ta©ti Tac0Z in What other networking protocalls Can opencompiters use?   
    I have no experience on this subject matter. And I'm not sure if it is even possible withing OpenComputers. So I can't help.
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    SpaceBeeGaming reacted to payonel in Are there any tutorials or doumentations for plan9k OS?   
    OpenOS has absolutely proper pipes now, such as those  you invoke with `cat file | grep foobar`, and a kick butt threading library (read https://ocdoc.cil.li/api:thread )
    As for virtual components? No, there is nothing built into OpenOS for virtual components, but gamax92 has written a nice vcomponent library you can add via oppm, `oppm install vcomponent`
    Plan9k is retired, to be honest. It was ahead of its time, but is now outdated. OpenOS is faster, lower memory, has gobs of great libraries, super awesome command line parsing, and is ACTIVELY developed. I might be biased....
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