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  1. I think you should take this to the developers of nuclearcraft as there's nothing we can really do (apart from editing the config file to increase memory size.)
  2. Do you know the address of your I/O blocks? They are unique and random Expamle 2 should work IF you enter the correct addresses. right click/shift+right click with an analyzer will show you the address. take the first 5 characters of the address and put them inside the component.get() calls.
  3. I don't see anything setting the color to white, it could be on your end. Post a screenshot of the screen, that might help figuring out the problem. It could also be that the program doesn't work correctly anymore.
  4. How much memory you have in the computer? You should use T3.5 Memory if you arn't already. You could also try with a server as they can accept twice the amount of memory.
  5. @Canyon Canyon Canyon Canyon You could take a look at my DNS server/client system. https://github.com/SpaceBeeGaming/OC-DNS. I haven't used it in a while, so I don't know if it still works (should work but no guarantees). Just ask if you have more questions or come across problems, always happy to help.
  6. First, use code blocks. Second, i fixed your errors and made a few improvements. This should do what you wanted, if not reply in this thread. local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local colors = require("colors") --Unused local event = require("event") local term = require("term") local redstone = component.redstone local firecount = 1 local run = true local function main() local input = redstone.getInput(sides.front) if (input == 10) then print("Redstone Lever ON") print("Firing Firework " .. firecount .. "!") firecount = firecount + 1 redstone.setOutput(sides.left, 15) os.sleep(1) redstone.setOutput(sides.left, 0) os.sleep(1) else print("Lever is OFF") os.sleep(1) end end --Exit the loop with 'q', better than using Ctrl+C local function stop(_, _, char) if (char == 81 or char == 113) then event.ignore("key_down", stop) run = false end end --Print the prompt for quit key and start listening for it print("press 'q' to exit") event.listen("key_down", stop) --Main loop, will run until 'run' is set to false while run do main() end --Clear the screen after the program ends term.clear()
  7. First, why are you sleeping after event.pull() , that's unneccesary and could cause issues where a event is missed. Second, how are the computers connected (picture), Are the computers separated by a swich, is there a loop where the swich receives a packet twice (This is the most likely reason for duplicating messages.)
  8. First the opencomputers documentation: http://ocdoc.cil.li local computer = require("computer") local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local rs = component.redstone local gpu = component.gpu --Desired time in seconds EDIT THIS!!! local timer_length = 10 --Clear the screen local w,h=gpu.getResolution() gpu.fill(1,1,w,h," ") local time_remaining --Get the current time and add desired countdown to it. local time_now = computer.uptime() local target_time = time_now + timer_length -- Function to draw remaining time on screen local function PrintTime(time) --Screen drawing logic in here! --Currently writes the reamining time on screen in seconds gpu.fill(1,1,w,1," ") gpu.set(1,1,"Time Remaining: " .. time) end --Loop until time is done while true do time_now = computer.uptime() time_remaining = target_time - time_now PrintTime(time_remaining) if(time_now>=target_time) then break end os.sleep(1) end -- Emit a redstone signal from the back of the computer with a sgnal strength of 15. rs.setOutput(sides.back,15) This should work, but i have not tested it. It won't format the time in DD:HH:MM:SS (yet). It will howerver send the redstone signal when it hits 0 (in theory). Just reply in this thread if you need more help or if it doesn't work.
  9. The program seems to require a redstone card.
  10. open computers config file (settings.conf) lines 584-603.
  11. @EderV The ticket machine also requires power, put another cell next to it/use cables.
  12. @GabelaGarlaSrl Glad to be of help, and no it's not that long script. Here is an example of a medium/large-ish-sized script: https://github.com/SpaceBeeGaming/OC-DNS/blob/master/bin/dns_server.lua (It's from my GitHub, part of a larger project)
  13. Here is a fixed version along with some notes: local event = require("event") --< event library needs to be requested. local component = require("component") --< same for component local lift = component.lift while true do local e = event.pull("motion") --< Don't use system reserved variable names for your own. if (e == "motion") then --< This event is never false, as the 'event.pull()' is filtered => the upper action will alwayus run. lift.callFloor(2) else --< Cant be 'elseif', would need a conditon to test os.run(elevatormotionmanipulation) end end -- <= these things are comments, they are used to explain what code does, without affecting its execution, they can be removed without issues.
  14. @GabelaGarlaSrl What is the error? Can't help if we don't know the problem.
  15. @BattyCynris When you update OpenComputers (the mod), It doesn't change what is on the computers, it only changes the contents of the OpenOS floppy disk. So updating the in-game computer after the mod update only requires you to insert the OpenOS floppy disk and running "install" again. The tool you linked is basically just for those who can't update their mod (playing on a server with outdated version but need features of a newer version) so don't use it if normal updating is available.
  16. @Niami Here is a link https://ocdoc.cil.li/component:data Basically it works like this: user A and B both generate a key pair. Then they exchange their public keys. Then the actual AES encryption key is calculated from own private and other users public key these calculations end up in the same result. In other words: A public + B private = B public + A private. Thus allowing encryption and decryption. This is explained in the docs, but poorly. I may have some examples,I might share if you're interested.
  17. @AustinLearns First of all, how it doesn't work? Hard to help if the problem is unknown.
  18. How are you powering the computer?
  19. @vratk0529 function names can't have (-) characters in them as it is interpreted as a minus. You have to use underscores (_).
  20. @Crack3dC0d3 They get suspended because your power storage is full and they turn on if power demand rises or storage level drops. In other words it's working as intended.
  21. Decided to change temporarily to event.pull() but thanks anyway.
  22. So, I'm developing a program which uses event.listen(), and debugging them is a pain because of lines like these: bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil) How am I supposed to know where the error is when there is no location information? So is there a way to get the full error details somehow?
  23. Sounds interesting, but make sure to write the documentation well.
  24. Hello. So, I'm making an (in-game) monetary transaction system and for that I need encryption. Documentation on the data card is extremely poor (no examples). Here's what I have so far: Note! The key transfer has already been done. --Machine #A local pubKeyA, privKeyA = data.generateKeyPair() local shKeyA = data.ecdh(privKeyA, pubKeyB) local message = "Hello?" ---[What happens in here to encrypt data?] modem.send(encryptedData) --just placeHolder --Machine #B local pubKeyB, privKeyB = data.generateKeyPair() local shKeyB = data.ecdh(privKeyB, pubKeyA) local message=event.pull() --just placeholder ---[What happens in here to decrypt data?] print(decryptedData) Any and all help would be appreciated.
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