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Everything posted by Dustpuppy

  1. Btw. the functions for the virtuel network printer are the same, then for a normal openprinter. Look here
  2. While i was testing how to make the print server management for my gui, i wrote print server and a client, that will not need the gui. All you need is gamax92s vcomponent lib for the client. Install it over oppm, or get it here https://github.com/OpenPrograms/gamax92-Programs/tree/master/vcomponent Start the server first, then the client(s). Server has no queue. It will use the openprinter when data comming in. Timing is by your self. The code for the server. Start it with parameter "silent" to get it to background. local component = require("component") local ev
  3. First release out. See main posting.
  4. component.get(address: string[, componentType: string]): string | (nil, string) Tries to resolve an abbreviated address to a full address. Returns the full address on success, or nil and an error message otherwise. Optionally filters by component type.
  5. Give me time. In my point of view it's not finished yet. But if you want, you can port it to Plan9k. Would be great. Don't forget, that i change allways things and specialy add functions to the differend libs, that i am missing during making programs for it. When it is finished, i will have a look to move it into oppm.
  6. Getting forward :-) Some Monitor programs done(Memory and Energy as plugins. Working on filesystem monitor now). Getting on with the terminal window. Insert a system menu. Changed some internal stuff.
  7. Found a little error in the printserver driver. Have uploaded a new zip archive with correct version. If you don't want to test it your self, watch this video.
  8. And the documentation is also not up to date and i am busy, 2 pregnant horses outside (one is nearly finished) and a lot of work on the visual editor and...and...WHAT THE F****?!?! I need much more time.
  9. At the moment i am working on the gui, to get it faster in screen redraw and background buffering. I've packed my full working environment into an archive. http://carr-ireland.com/mc/all.zip Unzip it to the home directory of the oc computer and start test.lua. There are 2 frame work files. program_frame.lua is how to make a program. plugin_framework.lua is for making a symbol program. In test.lua you can see, how to insert them. After first start of test.lua open the user manager and add your self as user. Then delete line 31 ( wm.setUserName("") ) and u
  10. I think, i am getting crazy. Worked a bit on the gui system. It will come much easier to make (let's call them) programs for it. The gui it self is a multi user windows system with driver integration and some nice features. But still can be used as stand alone windows based gui. Multi user driver working to register user to the computer and the gui with differend level. Printer management for openprinter with print queue. Start menu. Just make you gui based programs and add them to the menu.
  11. And me again. I take also port 148 for internal usage of my gui, that is more and more getting a managed window system and port 4662 for short messages. Think, that i will need more, as longer i am coding on the gui
  12. It will come. But not for making full program as source. More for making a single window, you can then put into your program. But first i finish the print manager for openprinters.
  13. Updated. First alpha release online now.
  14. Here we are!!! I am finished for the first release....(i hope) If you want to test it, just do "pastebin run Kz9E2JGL" on the computer in your minecraft world. You need an internet card for this. This will install all needed files in /usr/lib/windowmanager and /etc/windowmanager. During the installation you will be ask for the admin user name and the password. You can choose, whatever you want, but best is to use your mc username, because the software will add user to the computer using (funny sentence), like useradd in OS does. After finishing the installation just start
  15. Hmmm.... can't delete post. It's in the wrong place.
  16. Hi, i'm getting forward with the new gui system. Will publish after i finished it Label with auto word wrap, Checkboxes, Radio button groups, Slider, Bars, Buttons, Movable windows, Window manager, User can define and create own elements with own draw routines and callbacks. Doing full text editor now and input fields.
  17. OK, now i am fully lost. That's too much for my little brain at the moment. Don't you think it is too complicated for the normal user? Most people using lua in OC are beginners , not coders. Even it is complicated to me, i am talking about the normal player, who just want to put some information on his screen.
  18. The export of local functions i've solved. Functions can be changed on every element. Now a kind of custom element can be set by using the new element function directly. So, it's possible to make multiline label, taht acts like a button. But i have no clue about OOP. Never used it. Started coding when i used OC the first time ;-)
  19. Someone allready taken a look at the new gui? I need feedback :-)
  20. The door controller under the security door.
  21. Looks like, i will leave it, like it is now. Have started a new gui, because this one is not flexible enough If someone want to test the new one, it's here https://pastebin.com/J4SXwzHa Dokumentation is on top of the file. At the moment it only has 2 elements, a button and a label, but i am working on more. When i've finished it, i will make a new threat.
  22. I will start reworking it 2morro. Hope i get it done over the weekend. Depends on the weather outside.
  23. I will remake it completely, if i find the time or it will rain outside. Have some more ideas, but at the moment i have to train a horse first as my major time shedule. If you have any ideas for a nice security system, let me know and i will see, what i can do.
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