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Everything posted by freacknate09

  1. So now, 2 years later, I'm actually learning 6502 assembly, and I have written a basic program to output text. I have a couple questions though, if you are available. I see you aren't active on the IRC, or I'm blind. I'm wondering, what all is the boot rom is looking for in filesystems to boot from? and is it expecting compiled machine code or assembly?
  2. Where can I download the programs shown? I am gonna get the libraries, but I want those programs also
  3. How, exactly, do I go about programming this? I would love to know, so I can make use of this mod
  4. ok, I am creating a series of addons for openos, and several things require network usage, including remote control of pcs and chat rooms
  5. I clicked the download button, and didnt check the file name
  6. oh, my mistake, thank you a lot, i thought i got 1.10
  7. Sure, one sec. I can attach my other log if you want. I really want to use your mod to secure everything in the world fml-server-latest.log
  8. I am running the latest 1.10 build, and it crashes my server on launch, I am using the dw20 pack with open printers, computronics, and open glasses
  9. @XyFreak I am running your software, but it is not working correctly, it keeps showing error for my reactor and turbine, and im not sure what is wrong, everything is set up right. Here is an imgur album of my stuff:
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