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  1. william341

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, but your wish will be stolen. I wish I could shape shift.
  2. william341


    Its cowsay! What more do you want! Usage: cowsay "your text here (in quotes)" pastebin get fFCNNs52 cowsay.lua Ported from: https://gist.github.com/Gaichu/1c5b63c0093512b72779 You don't even need pictures, here's what it looks like: HI! \ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ | |----w | || ||
  3. He probably uses MagicaVoxel.
  4. I don't think you can sadly.
  5. I've started making 3dm files for you to print! What you will find here: https://github.com/ComputeLinux/OCModels/tree/master is where they are! I will also be accepting request, so feel free to request things!
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