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  1. I've been trying and searching about it without success... I have a computer with 2 GPUs and 2 screens, I'm trying to use the primary GPU and screen to render a GUI and the second pair to show the application log. I also tried to copy the term lib in attempt to have a parallel term, but term2.write still writes to the main screen... This is what I have so far: local term2 local primaryGpu = component.gpu local primaryScreen = component.screen ---@type component.gpu local secondaryGpu ---@type component.screen local secondaryScreen for gpuAddr in pairs(component.list("gpu")) do if not component.isPrimary(gpuAddr) then for screenAddr in pairs(component.list("screen")) do if not component.isPrimary(screenAddr) then ---@type component.gpu local gpu = component.proxy(gpuAddr) ---@type component.screen local screen = component.proxy(screenAddr) screen.turnOn() gpu.bind(screenAddr, true) beep() secondaryGpu = gpuAddr secondaryScreen = screenAddr component.setPrimary("gpu", secondaryGpu) component.setPrimary("screen", secondaryScreen) print("Second monitor?") component.setPrimary("gpu", primaryGpu) component.setPrimary("screen", primaryScreen) --[[term2 = require("copied_term") term2.bind(gpu, screen) term2.setCursor(1,1) term2.setCursorBlink(true) term2.clear() term2.write("Screen loaded. Uptime: "..uptime()) ]]-- end end end end Do you have any idea?
  2. Thank you TYKUHN2, I thought about using string.dump() before and some lua obfuscators use it to obfuscate but I couldn't find a way to load the data, stringload() does not exists and load() is limited to read only text.
  3. This is cool, please share it, I wanted to use it on my mining robot's remote control
  4. I'm writing an advanced mining robot on a server that I play and I want to sell it to other players, I've been working on it many hours in 2 weeks so I really want to receive a reward for it on the server. I'll be selling robots ready to go and dedicated for my software, I'm planning to release the source code in future but until there I don't want to see pirated floppy disks being sold cheaper I thought about fleshing an EEPROM or running it directly on init.lua (I don't really need the OpenOS to execute the software, it's independent) but other players could easily steal the EEPROM on a crafting grid or could steal the HD using an disassembler. What can I do? Any Idea? --- Edit: I've got an idea! I can use a mix of EEPROM with obfuscated code, a HD in unmanaged mode with fragmented data and obfuscated codes and component ID checks. So the EEPROM won't work without that specific HD and the code won't be readable by humans, the HD won't work without the EEPROM, each EEPROM and HD pairs will be unique and linked to each other, the scripts will require original components (HDs, GPU, wireless, etc) to run. I think that will be enough to protect the original source but I'm still open for ideas
  5. If it get updated to 1.9, please, don't stop updating 1.7.10
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