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  1. Well, OpenComputers supports non-US keyboards! OpenOS has a library for that Let me explain that: Have a look at this code: local event, address, char, code, userName = computer.pullSignal() so the event varable can be "key_down" or "key_up" or "touch", for example. address is your Keyboard address, that is not really helpful for us. The code and char varables are really important, and userName, yes not really important. The code and char are the varaibles that we must to use. Ok, have a look on `code`. these are 'Minecraft' key-codes. For example: Key 'a' is 0x1E or 30. For a full list, show the full keyboard List on GitHub: https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/blob/master-MC1.7.10/src/main/resources/assets/opencomputers/loot/openos/lib/tools/keyboard_full.lua So and now to the important part, the `char` value. The `char` value get 'all' chars-code that you have on your keyboard! But the problem is, we can get some control chars. We can't use them dierectly. To avoid this problem we can make a if statement: if not type(char) ~= "number" and (char >= 0x20 or (char <= 0x7F and char >= 0x9F)) then -- our code here... end Ok, we make sure we have a 'printable char' and now? The variable `code` neither the variable `char` give you a correct 'char'. To get a right char, you need: unicode.char(charcode) So your code may look like so: while true do local event = {computer.pullSignal()}; -- wait for an input... if not type(event[3]) ~= "number" and (event[3] >= 0x20 or (event[3] <= 0x7F and event[3] >= 0x9F)) then -- if a printable char was pressed... print(unicode.char(event[3])) -- print the correct char... end end I hope that was a little help to you
  2. Ahh, ok. That what I thought. Well the question was, because Unifont use some 8x16 and 16x16, and Unscii has mixed these, too. But that's all the CJK stuff. Very thanks for that! And the 'width' thing is, Sanger needs the Hex-Data-Font-File himself for updating the 'width'. So, I will make some glyphs for myself and eventually I will make a pull-request in the font-fork by asiekierka. Anyway, thank you GreaseMonkey!
  3. Hi GreaseMonkey, thank you for your response. Well, I think, I have a thinking error. That's because I thought, Sangar can update the font width and I can update the font itself. Bat that was wrong, isn't it? However, there are some glyphs, that are missing. This glyphs are special ones, not linguistic ones or similar. That are 'Icons', such as a `Up/Down-Arrow`, `Tab-Arrow`, `Enter-Arrow`, `Left/Right-Arrow`, `Arrow-Up`, `Arrow-Down`, `Degree-Fahrenheit`, `Degree-Celsius` and a `Clock sign`. (And maybe more) But I have one more question to ask you, if that is okay. There is some 8x8 and 8x16 Pixels of glyphs. How can I figure out, what I actually need? That's because the unscii has some 8x8 and some 8x16 widths. Thank you in advanced, for any help. Best reguards Diklabyte
  4. Hello community, well, where I can start? The problem is the new Font (unscii), or better yet, the new version of `wcwidth.bin`. I don't know if anybody can help me, but this is for me a big thing. I'm writing on a new Program that use some unicode Glyphs. Well, the old `Unifont` has a bunch of Glyphs, that was good. But now, the switching to unscii from asiekierka, I don't have all Glyphs anymore and my Screen looks really funny with the plceholder ("?") from OpenComputers. The Problem at all is, that the `wcwidth.bin` is updated and the `assembled Glyphs` what I make for myself will complely ignored. So, can anybody tell me to fix this, or how to update the Binary? Or any other sulution are welcome, too. I know this is a interesting Request, but this is a really wish. I have my written my software so long, and now my Screen looks crappy. And when I will release my software for public, it should looks great. Thanks in advanced for any instance of help. Best regards Diklabyte
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