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    Programming, Minecraft, Minecraft Modding, Even More Programming, Some Other Vidieo Games(No Blood/Gore Ones, Mostly Platformers)

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  1. Wow... I was thinking of making a command line one, but this TOTALY beats it!
  2. Wow - This looks amasing I'm gonna have to cheat myself some tire 3 stuff to try this...
  3. GiantNuker

    Basic Help

    Ok, I put the OpenOS floppy into the tire-3 case and booted it up. then i tryed to do "mkdir USER" and got an error. when that didn't work, I got an OPPM floppy and put it in my drive -- "oppm install oppm" - when that didn't work i tryed "sudo oppm install oppm" - nope - it said it didn't know about sudo I wuld like to know how i'm going wrong...
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