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Everything posted by takaqod

  1. Thanks for the reply . I'll check it for fun!
  2. Hey, Where can we find your compiler? (there is no link in the post, i'm not crazy right?) I'm not really interested about writing real programs in brainfuck langage but i'm curious about how you've done the compiler.
  3. It seems that we have to remove and put back the hard drive and switch off/on the computer in game to force OC to save/reload files. I can't figure out a better way and i'm interested for better solutions to do so too.
  4. thanks, that's help me. i'll test Atom on windows and see if it suits me.
  5. Hi, Just to advise, you should indent your code, it's much easier to detect bugs. This is what I found : you have 2 variables called 'AdresseGp' When the 'coreUp()' function is executed, the local 'AdresseGp' of the function is used. But when you access it out of the function, this is the local 'AdresseGp' of the program scope. So i propose you to rewrite your function like this: function coreUp(_AdresseGp) for adresse, typName in hardware.list() do if typName == "mfsu" then _AdresseGp["EVerbunden"] = _AdresseGp["EVerbunden"] + 1 _AdresseGp["EVorhanden"] = _AdresseGp["EVorhanden"] + hardware.proxy(adresse).getEUCapacity() _AdresseGp["EDerzeit"] = _AdresseGp["EDerzeit"] + hardware.proxy(adresse).getEUStored() _AdresseGp["ESpannung"] = _AdresseGp["ESpannung"] + hardware.proxy(adresse).getDemandedEnergy() _AdresseGp["ETick"] = _AdresseGp["ETick"] + hardware.proxy(adresse).getEUOutputPerTick() end end end And use it like so: coreUp(AdresseGp) Full suggestion with changes
  6. Hi, I want to start coding some programs in OC but i'm facing questions i would like to solve before really writing. 1) IDE I usually write in NotePad++ for simple Lua programs, but i'm thinking, there must be a better way to do it for code completion, etc. I already checked this wiki but i want to see your personal opinions and reasons. 2) Project Management I chose to use Git/GitHub for source management and i wish to have one repo for each libraries, programs, etc. In this way, i could easily have independent releases, and this will force me to thinking in modular and reusable manner. But this will also greatly increase the amount of repo and will messed up my github account with a bunch of relative projects (OC lua) side by side with potentials other projects. So i'm searching a way to have all the pros of multiple repositories whitout the con of the spread. Like one big repo container with multiple real repo in it. The best compromise i found is the use of an organization for that. But i ask because i must miss something easier. 3) OC librairies To have access in libraries, we use 'require', ok. But how it works? Is there a specific directory on the in-game computer for libraries storage? And if not how OC knows where to search? If i want multiple instances of one library on a computer for example : myLib(v1.0.0) and myLib(v2.0.0) used by two different programs but not the same version. how can i handle this? Thanks for your answers and suggestions!
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