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  1. I am building an OS and i am not going to use the filesystem library. I am going to write my own filesystem for unmanaged drives. To boot i need to be able to run programs. The default libraries will not support my custom filesystem how can i run programs? Is is possible to compile and run a string as a program using EEPROM accessible libraries?
  2. WOW im an idiot...............
  3. Yes it appears that component.list("filesystem") returns nothing and there is a floppy disk and a hard drive in The computer
  4. Hey im having a problem with the BIOS i am wiriting im doing it as a project to get me familiar with the OC system i must note i am very experienced with computercraft but the problem is that when loading component.list("filesystem") the result is always empty and i cant figue it out the code is here http://pastebin.com/mJyUiBde thanks for any help you can give
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