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  1. I am having issues with a text API that I am writing and am looking for input from more experienced coders. The problem I am currently facing is with my centering method. If be used to center text to the full screen width it works great, if I am trying to center text in a smaller portion of the screen that is offset towards either edge, it fails miserably. API-in-progress below: --[[ Text utilities API by jaspercayne A collection of functions to work with text ]]-- local textTools = {} local component = require("component") local term = require("term") local text = require("text") local gpu
  2. I know this was asked months ago, but since nobody seems to be providing any answers, I just recently have been working on a robot to farm cocoa beans so I found out a bit about how to do this the hard way... Easy answer is to utilize a geolyzer component, and run the analyze function to get the metadata of the crop, comparing it to the metadata for a full grown crop that you can find on the Minecraft wiki. Complicated answer follows: local analyze = component.geolyzer.analyze(3) -- 3 is the front of the robot function getFacing() -- Get the facing of the cocoa bean for k,v in pairs(
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