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  1. I am starting a new creative server for building random things. It will be whitelisted. I will add more info and how to apply soon.
  2. Server Update: We now have a dedicated server, there should be no more lag now.
  3. Wired, you are added. General server news: the pack should probably work, maybe. If anyone has problems with it they should tell Josh or me. The server has a new world (as of a week ago), in survival, and there is not much built in it yet.
  4. We are using the latest dev version of oc as of 2 days ago. (Join the channel #TheEther on EsperNet, the download link is in the topic there) Josh and I are working on an info page.
  5. I will add you tomorrow. The server is in the middle of a update (and a switch to survival mode). The pack currently does not work for everyone, But I (or Josh) am probably going to fix that tomorrow. Make sure to join us on EsperNet #TheEther
  6. You two are accepted, look at your pms. Be aware that Josh and I may be switching the server to a survival server soon.
  7. SuPeRMiNoR2

    #OC Bot Commands

    SuperBot's commands in #oc are: $jenkins [Job] (or $j) You can use oc, opencomputers, op, openprinters as job names.
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