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  1. So i dont need to put in ":number" because that is just telling me what type of variable its going to output? I did that and now it says /usedspace:1: attempt to call a nil value (global 'spaceUsed') stack traceback: /usedspace:1: in main chunk (...tailcalls...)
  2. Hey all, i'm a huge newbie at this and all of my lua programming knowledge is from computercraft, and very little knowledge at that. I am messing around with OC and am trying to make a program that displays the used space of the hard drive(s) that the computer(server in this case) is connected to for learning purposes, what i typed was. space = spaceUsed():number print ("Your used space in bytes is:", space) and it gives me /usedspace:2: function argument expected near 'print' when i try to run it. Im not sure if what im doing wrong, or even if that is valid lua.
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