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  1. last one is easy, rename it autorun.lua
  2. it mostly works: it will crash trying to set the warp distance after warping, resetting the program fixes this. it won't properly update the coordinates on the screen, but does store the coordinates and will correct itself if you restart the program the energy needs to be setup so that it will update every few seconds the summon doesn't work, but that may be due to API changes in warp core, will have to check the code to make sure they haven't changed. and the screen doesn't update after a jump. it acts like several variables aren't being recalled after a jump or something. I also need to add in a cooldown timer on the screen so that you know that you can't jump just yet and that is why the program appears to not be responding if you try and jump too soon.
  3. I've tried that, and OC didn't want to recognize it....I'll try again. I also am in my .minecraft folder so much I have it pinned. edit: it does work, but it seems I loose the ability to edit the program in game....strange.
  4. win 10 and stock MC launcher
  5. sorry about the long delay getting back to this, thanks for the help. This is a great help. I'll play around with it to see if I can fix that problem. I would like to know if there is some way to externally edit the program files. Trying to type that all in game would be a chore. Once this gets fixed, I'll pass it along to the Warp Drive modders and I'll def include you in the credit for the conversion.
  6. thanks, that is a major start for me and what I was looking for. do you know of a way to externally modify OC programs?
  7. I'm trying to setup a warp drive controller program in OC, there exists one for CC, but it doesn't work out of the box. I am a total noob when it comes to OC programming so I need help also, is there an external way to write programs for OC like you could with CC? here is the original CC code, what would I need to do to convert it to run on OC? I've started to convert it, but I'm in way over my head.
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