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  1. This is a very useful web app! My compliments on a clean interface. I would like to make one or maybe two suggestions to improve it, though. One would be to mark which way the item will be placed. I've built objects only to discover that, once printed, they come out sideways or backwards. Having something marking the direction the player must be facing when placing the block would help prevent these mistakes. Having made that very rotation mistake, I made my own local tool to rotate the object by adjusting the coordinates. Adding a rotation—and perhaps mirroring—function would provide a good bit of flexability to the tool without too much effort.
  2. I tried putting an Adapter next to one of Mekanism's Gas Tanks with the hope of reading out the current and max values, however it only seems to support the inventory slots the tank has, not the gas levels. Am I going about this wrong? (This is my first day with OpenComputers.) As a stop-gap solution, I put a comparator on the tank and used the Adapter on that. This way I do at least get a very low resolution indication of the tank's level, but I'd much prefer to get the actual value. The comparitor resolution is so low, even my character-based level display adds five characters per value chage. (The bar is 75 wide, so the difference between any two reading is 5.)
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