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  1. F0x06

    print3d models

    Hi !, Glad to see that my software is useful
  2. Hi, the export section is under 'scene' in the right pane
  3. Hi, have you enabled the plugin like explained in the README here ?: https://github.com/F0x06/Blender-OpenComputers-3DM-Exporter#Installation
  4. Dear all and happy new year ! I created a Blender plugin to export blender models to 3DM (print3d) ! PS: tell me if you have any suggestions Github page: https://github.com/F0x06/Blender-OpenComputers-3DM-Exporter Installation: Follow the README on Github Recent changes: 1.2.1 (January 9, 2016) FIXED collidable variable synthax FIXED default color 1.2.0 (January 8, 2016) ADDED States support! You can assign states for each objects and simulate it ADDED Some options to control exportations with layers FIXED Various bugfixes & optimisations 1.1.0 (January 8, 2016) ADDED 3DM model parameters settings ( label, tooltip, lightLevel, emitRedstone, buttonMode, collidable ) ADDED Tints ( object color ) export ( material diffuse color is used as source ) 1.0.0 (January 7, 2016) Initial releaseFeatures: Bounding boxes to view the build area ( 16 x 16 x 16 ) Layers support, only export the active layer so you can easily create multi-part models Material name and tint ( diffuse color ) export in 3DM file States support, assign states to your objects and simulate it directly in blender Usage: Create a model only with cubes, cubes sizes must be integers and the total area covered by cubes can be 16 x 16 x 16 units max, you can use the "Bounding box" option of the plugin to view the build area, goto Scene properties -> OpenComputers 3DM Exporter -> Bounding box, and push the "Add" button, and build only inside the bounding box Export you 3DM file, goto Scene properties -> OpenComputers 3DM Exporter and push the "Export" button, chose a destination file name, and push the "Export" button Import your 3DM file inside your computer in Minecraft, and use the "print3d" function to print your model, enjoy :] You can also use my web-based viewer to test you model at: http://f0x.me/OpenComputers-3D-Designer Screenshots:
  5. Thank you! And great idea , i think the two tools are usefull with each other.
  6. Dear all! My program is written in Javascript, you can view/edit in realtime your .3dm scripts. URL: http://f0x.me/OpenComputers-3D-Designer/ GitHub: https://github.com/F0x06/OpenComputers-3D-Designer Features: 1. Tints support 2. States support (You can toogle state with the associated button) 3. Materials support 4. Texture packs: Vanilla, BD Craft, LB Photo Realism 5. Templates: All default OpenComputers .3dm templates Controls: Mouse left + drag: Move mouse in scene, Mouse right + drag: Rotate scene Part click in 3D view click: goto corresponding line in editor Some pictures: Best regards, F0x.
  7. Thanks for this , awesome !, i also made an helper, you can edit/view the 3dm script in realtime: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/652-3d-printer-model-designer-3dm-exporter/?p=2546
  8. Topic has moved: http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/669-3d-printer-script-3dm-realtime-viewereditor/ Dear all! today i tried to make the model designer, this is the verry first working version, i created it with Three.js Demo url: http://f0x.me/OpenComputers-3D-Designer/ GitHub: https://github.com/F0x06/OpenComputers-3D-Designer Usage: Edit 3dm script on the top left editor, preview model will be generated il realtime. Controls: Mouse left + drag: Moove in scene, Mouse right + drag: Rotate scene Current features: Shapes, textures, tints, states Some screenshoots: Best regards, F0x.
  9. First of all, i want to say, thank you for your amazing work with OpenComputers, this mod is amazing! I discovered today the 3d printer, this is amazing, people can now create blocks of his dreams ! Description: An external software to design and create .3dm models for OpenComputers in minecraft. Function: A program where i can design graphicaly my model and exports it into minecraft in .3dm format. Deadline: I don't mind. Additional Information: None but simply ask me if you have other questions Thank you, F0x.
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